From green infrastructure to horticulture, we are building a greener New York City that provides opportunity to everyone who lives here.


Green Roof Installation Services

We install green roofs throughout New York City. From modular to built in place, from office towers to warehouses, Intervine is experienced with a wide variety of green roof installations. We partner with expert green roof designers and suppliers to deliver the highest quality results. Green roofs divert rainwater from the treatment system, mitigate the urban heat effect, and make our communities more livable.

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Proper maintenance is essential to making green infrastructure work. Intervine maintains green roofs and other green infrastructure, ensuring installations continue to function as designed for many years. While these facilities are often touted as low or no maintenance, in our experience the urban environment can be harsh on vegetation and a modest amount of care and prevention goes a long way.

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Intervine has comprehensive horticulture and community greening capacity. We fabricate and install tree guards and composting systems, maintain street planters, and assist in the development of community gardens. We strive to make a virtuous circle with our landscaping work by avoiding the use of small gasoline engines and composting our waste material.